Stupid Humans

We humans really are not very smart when it comes to our bodies. Even educated people, people who devote their lives to the study of health, medicine, and nutrition make poor choices about their own bodies. It’s still astonishing to me how many doctors, nurses, and EMTs smoke and how poorly they eat. But many in these professions can do it; they make sacrifices elsewhere in their schedules and reprioritize things in order to make room for healthy lifestyle habits. I am currently struggling with this. BUT… it never occurred to me that my patient’s poor choices would shock me. Some of my patients are in line to win a Darwin award one day. Of course I don’t lecture them, I don’t shake them. I point out the logical better options, take care of them, and get them to the hospital because that’s my job. Then I come home and blog about it. Continue reading Stupid Humans

First Day on the Truck

Today was my first day on a truck (ambulance)! For the first 40 hours, I am still in training and will be paired with 2 EMTs, one of them will be a trained preceptor. My partners today were great–so helpful, patient, and eager to teach and answer all my questions. I learned that it is much harder to get vitals in a moving vehicle (especially a speeding truck over pot-holed Boston roads) than it is in a quiet, calm classroom setting! Every health care provider can remember their first patient. My very first call was a memorable one, even for my experienced FTO. I learned so much today, and I went on other interesting calls, but this one will always stick with me. Continue reading First Day on the Truck