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This is the story of an unlikely, exciting, and circuitous route of a drama and literature major into a career in medicine.  I’m documenting this journey for fun, to gain perspective, generate discussion, and for my sanity!  I’ll write about my personal experiences as an EMT,  ER volunteer, and post-bacc student navigating the process and the life of an aspiring medical professional.  I will also discuss current medical news and offer an insider’s perspective on health care.  Occasionally, I will venture into other realms of discourse that impact my life.

I began my journey into medicine in my mid twenties.  After working as an EMT-B in Boston, I enrolled in a post-bacc pre-med program in Philadelphia, taking classes in subjects I hadn’t studied since high school.  *gulp*  After a series of twists and turns, including a diagnosis of depression/anxiety soon after moving to Philadelphia, and most recently adult ADHD, my plans have shifted a bit. My motivation is undaunted, however, and bright things are on the horizon. I am psyched to see what the future holds! 

How did I get here?  Growing up as a cleft lip and palate patient and the daughter of PhDs, I have always been comfortable in hospitals.  Hematology was dinner conversation.  The first money I ever earned was from filling pipet trays in my dad’s lab, a quarter per tray.  At age 6, I had my own lab in the basement where I did “experiments.”  Science is the family business.  But my other passion is theater and storytelling, and after spending every summer at drama camp, I went on to major in theater and English literature, with an emphasis in Shakespeare and theater production.

Then I entered the real world.  While I tried out a variety of jobs, my interest in medicine was persistently haunting me .  It was when I was reading Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder that I finally had a clear vision of myself in a career that would let me sleep at night, knowing that I was truly making a difference.  My Anglican faith informs my life and my choices, and working towards a career in community medicine and global health equity fits in with the call to serve others.

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