“Pre-existing Conditions” Under the AHCA

First, what IS a pre-existing condition?

It’s a health problem you had before the date that your health insurance went into effect.

This makes it CRITICAL for people with chronic illnesses, allergies, major diseases to never have lapses in health coverage. Even then, when switching insurance companies is a risky business for these folks.

___CAREWho are these people?

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 52 million of adults under 65 years have pre-existing health issues. They estimate “that 27% of adult Americans under the age of 65 have health conditions that would likely leave them uninsurable if they applied for individual market coverage under pre-ACA underwriting practices. […] In a separate Kaiser Family Foundation poll, most people (53%) report that they or someone in their household has a pre-existing condition [source].”

What is considered a pre-existing condition?

Well, there is not a set law that lists what does and doesn’t qualify – insurance companies create and manage their own policies regarding declinable claims and uninsurable individuals.  But here is a list of conditions that are deemed “pre-existing” but at least one insurer. It’s a pretty incredible list. I can certainly check off a few items.

DramaDocPre-Existing Conditions

And don’t forget . . .  AGE!

Yes, that’s right, your age could become a pre-existing condition. Just in time for the baby-boomers to get screwed over! According to an article on the AARP website,

This legislation also includes an increase in what AARP calls the age tax. Under current law, insurers cannot charge older consumers more than three times the amount younger adults pay. The previous version of the AHCA would have raised the limit to five times what younger consumers pay. The latest version would eliminate the limit entirely.  […] The AHCA was shelved last month after the Congressional Budget Office reported the legislation would lead to a loss of coverage for 24 million Americans over the next decade. The CBO also found the AHCA would cause a sharp increase in premiums for people ages 50 to 64. The legislation additionally would worsen Medicare’s finances, the CBO said. And it would do nothing to reduce the rising cost of prescription drugs. At the same time, AARP says, the legislation would provide a windfall for special interests in the health care industry, including insurers and drugmakers. [source]

Keep in mind that not all of the above conditions will be considered “pre-existing” for all insurance policies; however, the important point is that they COULD BE.

Before you go posting that any of these conditions WILL BE considered pre-existing, please do you research. Go to the original document. Read articles from multiple sources. For example, suddenly people are posting on social media that this bill categorizes rape, PTSD, sexual assault, and pregnancy as pre-existing conditions. But with a quick Google search, I found a LOT of details that disprove this, like yesterday’s Seattle Times article by Tom Murphy AP fact check: Are pregnancy, rape pre-existing conditions under new health-care bill?  Don’t fan the flames of sensationalist news.

Comment below with your concerns and any struggles with your pre-existing condition.






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