Door Decorating Contest

ONE LABIt’s the last day of Lab Week, and my creative juices were flowing yesterday. I’m super proud of our entry for the annual door decorating contest. The suite where I sit is unique in that it is not occupied by a single lab. We are a hodgepodge of 3 different specialties: Clinical Chemistry (including Toxicology & Endocrinology), Hematopathology, and Molecular Pathology (me!). The entries are always competitive, and this year is no exception. Some doors have lights, interactive components, prizes, etc. As I explained in my last post, this year’s theme is “Laboratory All-Stars.” Many people went with baseball, soccer, track, or basketball. I chose to go with the actual purpose and motto of Lab Week, “One Lab: Teaming Up for Patient Care.”

So I went for a Coach’s Corner, and riffed on the idea of a bulletin board & chalkboard that might be found in the coach’s office or locker room.  I enlisted 2 faculty members (physicians) to help me with the science aspects, and we created a sample patient case where every single person in our suite supported the patient’s care. It was FUN!

SIGN- EditedDOOR- Edited


UPDATE: We did not win. Bummer. All the winning entries had either:
(a) an interactive component
(b) cut out faces of each person

Whatevs. Ours was more thought out, inclusive, original, and WAY more on theme. WE like it and we’re going to keep it up for a few weeks. Then I get a cool shirt!

What creative outlets do you have at work? How do you celebrate your profession?


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