Changing Lanes


Woody Allen said, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him about your plans.” Well, God sure had a few big chuckles at me over the last few years! I had Big Plans. As you may recall from previous posts (Study Guide, Hellooooo Philly!), I moved to Philadelphia to enroll in a 2 year post-bacc pre-med program with plans to apply to medical school. 5 years later, I have adjusted my course due to a few surprises that life threw in my way.NURSING

My new plan (God-willing) is to pursue nursing school. I feel like this is a much better fit for many reasons that I will detail in a later post. While I love Philadelphia more than I ever loved Boston, I am not sure this is my forever home, either. So some major changes are on the horizon! My excitement and my confidence in this life change was the impetus for me to come back to writing.

About 18 months ago I got a full-time job at a local hospital where I support faculty, residents, and fellows. It’s been eye-opening as to the daily demand on and the lifestyle of physicians. I have also learned quite a bit from friends of mine from the post-bacc program who are now in medical school. As I get older, what I want out of life and what I am willing to give of myself becomes much clearer.

I started this journey in my late 20s and I am now in my early 30s. My self-awareness and perspective have both changed quite a bit over the last 5 years! (The Last Five Years is also the name of an amazing musical, adapted into a movie. Check it out!)

How have you changed over the last five years? Comment below!



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