Hellooooo Philly!

It’s been a long year! Another year as an EMT under my belt, bringing the tally to 2. I had a great time! In the spring, I finally started thinking seriously about post-bacc programs again, and I started reviewing math with a tutor. (I think I forgot most of what I learned in high school!) I applied to six programs and got into three.  I had a tough time deciding whether to stay in Boston, move back to St. Louis (land of my childhood), or to Philadelphia (land of early adolescence). I picked Philly (great school, still driveable to Boston, but out of my comfort zone).  I started classes about a month after I got my acceptance letter, and those four weeks were a blur!  I quit my job, found an apartment in two days, packed, registered, and moved six hours away!

Over the twelve weeks of summer I lived & breathed biology. I took a year’s worth of bio classes in 2 six-week semesters. Insane.  This year I am taking chemistry and math (fall: algebra/trig, spring: pre-calc), as well as participating in a volunteer program “clinical research methods in pediatric emergency medicine” at CHOP. I am also trying to find a per diem or part time job as an ED tech, if my Massachusetts EMT credentials count for anything.

I haven’t seen much of the city, since I’ve been sequestered in the library or at my apartment, but I hope that will change this semester.  I’m in all night classes, so I have to force myself to get OUT during the day and explore the area.  Not a great schedule for dating, but I’m thinking good thoughts and trying to find pockets of time on the weekends. This city doesn’t close early, like Boston, so I suppose I could always go out after classes end, around 9:30pm.

I’ll check back with you later! I’m off to shadow a visiting resident at CHOP.


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