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Readers: DramaDoc needs your help!

I am applying to post-bacc pre-med programs now, but until I start somewhere, what should I study at home, on my own?

I’ve been considering brushing up on my math skills, since I haven’t had a math class since high school (nigh on 11 years ago), since most programs don’t require calculus, while many top medical schools DO.  But maybe I could start reviewing A&P (anatomy & physiology), or plant biology, or cell biology (I have a former roommate’s old textbook on my shelf), or … WHAT?

I send out the call to you: What should I study?


P.S. The google image search results for “woman studying”are hilarious!
 I love this part of blogging.

12 thoughts on “Study Guide

  1. This may sound strange, but the toughest thing you’ll have to study is the habit of studying. I recommend picking what you’re most intrigued by right now, set yourself some time-based goals, and just dig in. Doesn’t matter if it’s history, logic or poetry. Reading to study is different from reading to read, and those habits come back slowly sometimes!

  2. Thanks, Michael! I am finding my daily blogging schedule to be good practice! It’s definitely a struggle some days to keep my butt in the chair! Great advice.

  3. Why don’t you have a look at the topic materials required for the courses you’re applying for? Some colleges will have plenty of ‘recommended reading materials’ listed online. Also, you could have a look at professors in your topic area at the college you’re applying for, and read their stuff. Professors get a little hot when you know about their work – always a good thing.

    Best of luck with your applications.

  4. I also wish you the best of luck with your applications and both of the above suggestions are good. Being pretty “unscientifically” inclined myself, I would have leaned toward boning up on the sciences.

  5. Alicia! Thank you. I always vaguely remember that you know all the good insider info on this courseware stuff! Thanks for the links. And thanks for commenting! 😀

  6. Good luck with the studying, & I will keep my eyes out for more materials! One more thing that comes to mind is Kahn Academy videos (which you probably know about already) :
    They have short tutorials & exercises on almost every subject out there, and are easy to do any where when you have a few minutes to kill. Have fun!

  7. As one who advises post-bac pre-med students, here are my suggestions. First, math–although not that many med schools require calculus, they DO require physics–as does the MCAT. It’s helpful–and in some cases absolutely necessary–to have recently honed math skills, including calculus, to do well in physics. Second, do a review of basic chemistry–even consider taking a “pre-chemistry” class at a community college. A thorough grasp of chemistry is essential for med school, not to mention the MCAT.

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