My Surprise Superpower

Jean Grey
Jean Grey is awe-inspiring.

Yesterday, you learned part of my origin story.  Today I share with you the recent discovery of one of my superpowers.  I was caught off guard when a seemingly ordinary assignment at work led to such a revelation, but now I want to test this power and see how it can aid me on my journey.


(Who knew?)

Okay, so looking back on it, there were signs.  I did lead a youth group for 2 years, which included working with a team of other leaders to plan lessons, chaperone trips, and organize activities.  I did it as part of my first “Best Year Yet” project, to shake things up, get out of my comfort zone, and give back to a place that gave me so much at that age.  But I was terrified, and that fear never totally went away.  It kept me on my toes, always looking to be better (and for the Nerf arrow flying across the room).

Flash forward to my recent work assignment. They were looking for volunteers to teach CPR at a local high school.  I signed up because it sounded like a fun learning experience for all involved!  I had so much fun that I can’t believe I got paid to do it.  Look for a future post on all I learned that day.

A week later, a supervisor asked if I wanted to go talk to a preschool about what to do in emergencies.  Um…. OKAY!!! I was blown away by how well the 3 year-olds listened and participated!  The five year-olds, well, they had spunk. We all had a fantastic time, and the experience has inspired an upcoming series of posts that promises to be lots of fun.

I’ve already got another community education class lined up, and I am doing of research into all kinds of things to show them.  Handouts are always helpful, and I love researching, writing, and designing them.  My audience won’t be prepared for how much they’re going to learn!  Honestly, it’s just as fun as reading Lifehacker or io9.

This all dovetails quite well into my Master Plan of getting my Masters in Public Health (MPH) with a focus on community health education (and global/international health).

What is a skill or interest that you discovered?
What would you try if you weren’t afraid? 


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