DramaDoc in the ER


I’m writing this from my hospital bed. I had to be convinced to come here. Well, the increasing pain helped. I was playing a game of pickup basketball when it happened. The person I was covering faked right and went left, I tried to shadow her, and my toe got caught on the court but my ankle rotated the opposite direction. I heard a snap or a pop and then instant pain! I was going to leave shortly anyways, so I was pissed off. My first thought was please let the adrenaline reaction kick in soon! My second thought was this had better not restrict me from rock climbing! My priorities are in order.

I did a rapid trauma exam and found no obvious deformity, no numbness or tingling, good pedal pulses, but limited range of motion. It hurt to walk on it but a friend was in town for lunch, so I went and had enchiladas, then once the ice pack melted, it was ER time. Mainly because it occurred to me that I probably couldn’t work with a messed up ankle. I also lifted a dialysis patient incorrectly in a stair chair and my lower back has been killing me for a week. I figured while I’m here, they can take a look and give me advice, which they did. Of course, the PA (physician’s assistant) said it sounds like sciatic pain and to follow up with my PCP, and to do gentle range of motion activities. I’m getting an ankle Xray soon. I’ll post the results later. Off to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for book club.

No fracture but a nasty sprain. I have an air cast (splint-type thing) and crutches. I’m restricted from driving and working (boo!) for a week!!! And no rock climbing for several weeks. But I should be able to go camping as planned in a few weeks. My friends have been great about this. Love to them all! We’ve all been hurt in this pickup game at some point, so I’m lucky I didn’t get a concussion or a black eye. And at least I made some baskets today! It will be fun trying to navigate around my house on crutches with our new kitten. Life is always exciting!


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