A List of Firsts


And Drama Doc is BACK! I’ve been busy these last few weeks focusing on finishing up my third rider time, where I observed and assisted a team of EMTs.  I finally started my proper job as a second rider, where I work as a “junior rider”and do most of the tech (hands on with patients) work with a more experienced “senior rider” helping out and making sure I don’t miss anything.  I’ve seen a lot that I’ve wanted to write about!

At the end of every shift I always think about all the firsts I’ve had that day.  Everything is so new, so most calls are a learning experience, especially the emergency calls.  Here’s my list of firsts, as it stands today:

Sudden Death (see previous post)
CPR- assisted ALS (paramedics)
Suicide Attempt
Emotional Distress
Falls (lots of these)
Diabetic Emergency
MVA (motor vehicle accident)
Asthma (kind of)
Drug Interaction
Internal Bleeding
Hospice Care
Insulting & Non-compliant Patients
Vomiting (on my shoes)
MRSA & CDiff (very contagious “hospital diseases”)
Pregnant with contractions
CHF (congestive heart failure)
Dialysis (very routine transfer)
Morbid Obesity

There is still SO much that I haven’t seen or done, yet. I still both look forward to and dread 911 calls, since you’re walking into the unknown. I usually finish those calls with an immense sense of satisfaction, though, knowing I was helpful.


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